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Selenite Scrying Sphere


Image of Selenite Scrying Sphere
  • Image of Selenite Scrying Sphere
  • Image of Selenite Scrying Sphere

There is nothing quite like the beauty and mystery of a Selenite sphere. It is a fairly common stone, made of gypsum. This sphere is approximately 2 3/8 inches in diameter and weighs 11.7 ounces, large enough to scry with and perfect to decorate your altar for a Full Moon Ritual because of its connections with the moon, moonlight, dreams and water.

The eye in this one is very pronounced and there are some very beautiful inclusions in the stone. Part of it looks nearly transparent and there is a tiny inclusion that appears to be a small crystal within the sphere

This item will arrive inside a black velvet drawstring bag all its own to protect it from jostling and from harmful energies. I recommend, however, that you sage it before use. Plastic stand included.

A WORD ON SELENITE....Please do not allow this item to sit in water to cleanse. Selenite will dissolve in water! In fact, I recommend that you keep this stone as dry as possible. Cleansing can be done with Sage smoke, Tobacco smoke, sunlight and moonlight and a variety of other ways. Do what feels right to you.



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