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Quill Pen and Wax Seal Stamp Kit

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Image of Quill Pen and Wax Seal Stamp Kit
  • Image of Quill Pen and Wax Seal Stamp Kit
  • Image of Quill Pen and Wax Seal Stamp Kit
  • Image of Quill Pen and Wax Seal Stamp Kit

The perfect gift set for anyone who sees the Art of Calligraphy as an Art form and may be interested in writing spells and entries in a Book of Shadows out by hand. This is also good for writing Love letters, Invitations, Announcements and so much more.

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This boxed set includes:
- One red feather quill dip pen - 9 1/2 inches long with nib.
- One bottle of black ink - 30ml
- One stick of silver sealing wax - 3 3/4 inches long
- One pentacle and crescent moon seal for wax - stamp is 13/16th inch in diameter, brass with pentacle and crescent moon. This stamp can be unscrewed from the handle and replaced with a different seal.
- 6 (six) nibs including the one already on the pen, assorted sizes from fine to wide.

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